Dr. Pinto is the co-founder of Naperville Clinical Associates. Dr. Pinto graduated from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in 1989 and completed her internship at Charter Barclay Hospital in Chicago. She has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist since 1991, and has 29 years of clinical experience. Dr. Pinto has served as an inpatient unit director at Charter Barclay and was the Director of Practicum Training and Assistant Director of Internship Training at Linden Oaks Hospital in Naperville for 3 years.

Keeping Depression and Stress at Bay

For many of us, the days follow a relatively stressful routine. We cycle through our household chores, family related tasks, busy workdays and finish with an evening full of last-minute to-do list items. When the body and brain are placed under chronic demands, they respond with a “stress response” that is designed to help us function in high-gear for short periods of time.